Automating emails is all about catching people at the right moment,
when they’re ready to act.

Why not use the below to increase the ROI on your email marketing efforts.
  Automating your email campaigns is a great way to engage with your subscribers. Email automation allows you to send targeted emails at the right time, which are relevant to your audience. Resource can be a factor when it comes to sending targeted emails, so why not let automation takeover?

By using automated emails, you can save time, and therefore resource, by scheduling campaigns to launch themselves when subscribers take specific actions. You can build closer relationships with your subscribers by continuing to increase your brand awareness and maintaining regular contact with them.
There are many benefits of automating your emails and we have selected our top 10 reasons for applying automation.’
  Automated emails help you get the most out of your staff resources
  By automating workloads, staff can plan and regurgitate content easily without having to recreate anything. This gives them more time to focus their attention on bespoke emails and other job requirements.
  Automating emails will save you time in the long run
  By maximising staff resource, automating emails will indeed save time and can also shorten the sales/marketing cycle.
  By automating emails to your recipients, you can become more reactive in your email marketing efforts
  Ever heard of 'strike while the iron is hot'? Of course you have. With automation, you can do this to help maximise your email marketing efforts.
  Allows you to target your recipients at an advanced level
  As you can react to subscriber engagement, actions or being simply added or updated in your email marketing database, you can target your recipients at a more advanced level which can increase engagement.
  Makes your campaigns more effective which drives more conversions
  By targeting your recipients better, you are making your emails more effective which in turn will drive more and better conversions maximising your return on investment.
  You can be more creative with the content your recipients receive, rather than sending them the same old content
  Based on their previous engagement, you can log and target them in a different way to send them more content that’s relevant, and of use to them. This drives better results and utilises your resources more efficiently.
  Target potential customers more effectively
  Targeting prospects and leads more effectively increase the chances of them becoming a customer/client.
  Gather more data intelligence so you can better target your recipients
  By building recipient profiles of their interests, you can target them with more relevant content like offers, downloads and general updates. This will in turn drive more engagement.
  Let automation take the burden when lead nurturing prospects and new subscribers
  New subscribers now expect welcome emails, so why not take them on a journey or offer an incentive to convert into a customer? Lead Nurturing can take the burden and make this happen automatically.
  Help boost conversions by shortening your sales and marketing cycle
  Get your recipients to the point of conversion sooner by automating journeys, and being reactive with their engagement.
  Email marketing is a great way to grow your business, so it makes sense that automating some processes can only help grow this even more right?
Automating emails can grow your business rapidly, and its only limitation is how you trigger them. Your creativity and business needs will determine the email/set of emails you create and put in place.

So, to help you grow your business further, we put together some of the different types of automated emails you can create and send to your audience to help increase ROI and growth.

  So we know that email has the potential to drive a shed load of sales/leads, with businesses following best practice methods such as personalising emails, purchase confirmation emails and newsletters.

It's likely that you're making use of email marketing staples such as newsletters, transactional emails and sales notifications. Although these are generating traffic and results, there are some types of emails that are overlooked and can still drive growth. These include the following:
Welcome Emails
  Welcome emails are a great way of introducing your subscribers to your products and/or services. Welcome emails are recommended to help build relationships, and why not boost the performance of these and throw in a freebie like a discount code or whitepaper?  
Cross Sell/Up Sell
  These campaigns are a good way to up sell and maximise exposure of other services or products. They can be reactive to previous user engagement, and can boost conversions by showing them relevant products or information to help them make a decision, or buy additional products.  
Lead Nurturing
  Lead Nurturing is one of the most effective ways to drip feed information to your prospects/new subscribers. By sending targeted and informative messages, you can maximise conversion rates and funnel your contacts to the point of sale or sign up.  
  Customer satisfaction should be key for all businesses. If your customers are satisfied, then they will become repeat customers and also recommend your product or services. Automating these emails will allow you to gain the insight needed to maximise the service they receive.  
Cart Abandonment
  These automated emails are a great way of saving business. Sending them an automated email to invite them back to complete their purchase is a great reminder that they can action when they have time. You can also follow this up with a relevant discount code if they still don’t purchase for further enticement.  
  Drip feeding emails to your contacts who don’t regularly engage is a great way of retaining subscribers, and maintaining your list hygiene. Offering things like incentives are a good way of implementing this, and getting them back into your active database.  
Purchase Confirmations
  Make the most out of your automatic confirmation emails by recommending more products that are similar to their purchase? If they engage, then take them on a journey to make them ready to purchase again sooner.  
Event Management
  Take the workload out of event management, and pre-build and automate this process using a series of emails, reminder emails and confirmation emails to maximise attendees and minimise drop outs.  
Reminder/Renewal emails
  Automatically send an email advising your subscribers of an upcoming renewal date is a great way of maintaining relationships, and in turn business from your subscribers. They act as prompts to get everything in place whether it’s a policy renewal, deadline, or even birthdays.  
  Being proactive with your subscribers will create more urgency, and conversions. Sending recipients alerts whether it's items back in stock, a software update or even a new office, helps build rapport and trust with your subscribers.  

  Are you ready to start automating your email marketing? If you are, or would like more information, then please get in touch with your account manager.