Privacy Policy

Campaign Master UK Ltd. (“CMUK”) is committed to dealing with data and information as legislated by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 and protecting personal privacy in accordance with the law.

CMUK as Email Marketer (The Data Processor) Delivering a Client Service

In providing our services CMUK acts as a data processor on our clients behalf. The client therefore is the data controller for the personal data generated using our services.

CMUK will only process client data to the extent needed in order to provide a secure email management or website usage service for our clients.

CMUK will not use personal data obtained in the course of providing our email management or website usage service for any other purpose and will not release any part of it to anyone other than to our clients in their capacity as ‘data controller’, unless required legally.

CMUK will not tolerate spam. Any CMUK customer found to be using our platform for spamming purposes will have the access to their account disabled for all users immediately. Any known spam/abuse suspects should be reported immediately to

CMUK provide full opt-out processes within their platform. Any clients who pro actively remove this link run the risk of having their account being terminated.

In delivering our services CMUK may use cookies which allow access to information stored in the terminal equipment of our clients. CMUK may also use URL and email tracking technologies to provide services to our clients.

Cookies are small amounts of code stored on a computer. Cookies may be used by CMUK in order to track the emails handled by CMUK as part of our email service to clients. The information received by CMUK from the cookies is used to detect when emails have been forwarded to other users. They do not allow CMUK to identify the geographic position of the user of the computer websites in question.

As part of our website usage service CMUK uses cookies. The cookies originate from CMUK and are initiated by website users visiting predefined pages or by the visitor undertaking activities on our client’s website or landing page. They allow CMUK clients to track actions and behaviour on their websites or landing pages. They do not allow CMUK to identify the geographic position of the user of the relevant computer. We will not release website usage information, in whole or in part, to anyone other than our client.

CMUK as Data Controller

At times CMUK will request and store information for CMUK purposes. In those cases, CMUK will act as data controller.

CMUK may store names, addresses and other contact details. Such information will be used by CMUK for its own administrative and marketing purposes only. CMUK will not release this information, in whole or in part, to any other parties unless obliged to do so legally.

CMUK may make use of its own email management service and website usage service which may make use of cookies and other tracking technologies as described above. Such information will be used by CMUK for its own administrative, management and marketing purposes. We will not release such information, in whole or in part, to any third parties unless required legally.

If you have any queries concerning anything in this privacy policy or object to any usage defined please contact the Information Security Officer in writing at our address below.


Where there are links from the CMUK website to other websites, CMUK highlights that it has no management of these sites, their substance or the way they collect or use personal data. CMUK advises users to check the privacy policy of any website they visit.

Social Media Integrations

CMUK users have the facility to authorize their social media account like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to auto post their campaigns on their pages or profiles.

CMUK only stores access tokens and page/profile ids that allow users to post their email campaign content to their page/profile.

CMUK allows users to remove their access tokens directly within the platform.

Please Note

By using the email marketing or website usage services offered by CMUK, the client is provides their consent to CMUK collecting and using the information outlined above. This permission, however, only extends to the uses set out in this Privacy Policy.

Changes made to the CMUK Privacy Policy will be detailed on this page and dated. Existing clients will be informed by email regarding any changes.

CMUK adheres, but is not limited, to the eight Data Protection Principles as outlined in Schedule 1 of the Act.

Any user wishing to enquire about the personal data stored by CMUK about them should contact the Information Security Officer in writing at the address supplied below.


Campaign Master (UK) Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales.
Registration number: 05250559