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Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management service, allowing companies to manage a wide range of activities including sales, service, data, marketing and analytics. CM Email Marketing offers three types of integration with Salesforce which allow you to launch campaigns and make decisions based on real-time campaign results such as opens, clicks and forwards, all within Salesforce. You are also able to launch campaigns to your Salesforce reports from the CM Email Marketing platform and segment your sends by including and excluding reports. Furthermore, our integration enables you to create a Salesforce Preference Form in the CM Email Marketing platform which updates your contacts’ preferences across both systems in real-time.

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Salesforce Integration

The Salesforce Integration is the main and the most comprehensive of the three types of integration, enabling a full flow of testing and launching campaigns to your Salesforce mailing lists and analysing real-time campaign results.

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Measure the Impact of your Practices on your Customers’ Behaviour

Take advantage of real-time insights into your customers’ behaviour and increase the visibility of your sales pipeline.

Automated Email Marketing Activities

Our integration ensures you’ll save time and helps you work efficiently through its easy-to-use interface.

Target your Campaigns

Campaign behavioural information such as opens and clicks captured from previous campaigns allow your future campaigns to be more targeted.

Avoid the Hassle of Learning New Software or Switching Between Systems

Once you have created and saved your templates in CM Email Marketing, our integration will allow you to access everything within Salesforce, which means you don’t need to learn or access other systems.

Create Subscriber Lists

Our integration provides you with the ability to create subscriber lists directly within Salesforce.

Test and Launch Campaigns Directly from Salesforce

With the easy-to-use interface of our Salesforce integration, you will be able to fully test and launch your campaigns.

Gather Open, Clickthrough, Forward, Complaint, Unsubscribe and Bounce Data

Target your future campaigns using captured behavioural data, directly from Salesforce.

Real-Time Campaign Results

Analyse and make marketing decisions influenced by real-time campaign results, all within Salesforce.

Salesforce Reports Integration

The Salesforce Reports Integration brings your Salesforce Reports within the CM Email Marketing platform and provides further segmentation of your data with the include/exclude reports feature before launching to report data.

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Full Control Over Your Data

Decide which data you send and not send to by including and excluding reports with the click of a button.

Save Time

Eliminate the need to export and import data by accessing Salesforce reports directly within the CM Email Marketing platform.

Salesforce Forms Integration

The Salesforce Forms Integration allows you to create a Salesforce Preference Form and add it to your campaign, enabling your mailing list to update preferences in both systems at the same time.

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Create Dashboards and Further Reports Based on the Real-Time Synced Data

With preferences in both CM Email Marketing and Salesforce in total sync, you are able to analyse dashboards and further reports powered by real-time synced data.

Keep Preference Data in Sync

Every time a recipient manages their preferences in CM Email Marketing, they will also be updated in Salesforce.