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We understand data management is becoming increasingly important, especially with GDPR now in full force, dictating how we manage EU citizens data. At Campaignmaster, we also understand the importance of a CRM system that is reliable and GDPR compliant as well as effective at managing your data. Therefore, we are proud to introduce CMDataManager – Campaignmaster’s bespoke CRM system.

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Where It Started

CMDataManager was born following clients’ feedback on their existing CRM suppliers not meeting their actual requirements. Quite a few of our clients cited their existing CRMs as being too difficult to use, too expensive or too complex with features that would never be utilised. We found many companies wanted a data management tool that was UK based, reasonably priced, easy to use with customisable ability to meet their prospect and client data management requirements.

Initially, we built CMDataManager for internal use having used Salesforce CRM for many years. It worked so well that we showed some of our existing clients and now they love it too and use it across all their business teams.

CMDataManager comes with all the essentials, so all you need to do is expand on the basics and create what your team needs.

Why CMDataManager?

Linked to CMAdvantage

If you already use our email marketing platform CMAdvantage, then linking up to CMDataManager is a no-brainer to avoid the manual upload of data for your email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, by combining both you will be able to see which contacts have been sent which campaigns and with overviews of engagement.

User Friendly

CMDataManager has a very clean, intuitive and easy to use interface. You can navigate easily through CMDataManager using it’s clear and effective tabular structure. Furthermore, the fast working search functions allow you to get where you need to be in minimal time.

Replaces Spreadsheets

CMDataManager is a great alternative to managing data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Using spreadsheets means your data can sometimes be overwhelming to work with. Furthermore, you run the risk of accidental deletions and mis-alignment of client and prospect data. CMDataManager allows you to upload all your data into one central hub, allowing you to access individual records with all respective information.

London Based Servers

As our servers are based in London, rest assured that your data will never leave the EU. This is extremely important and ensures you are compliant with the GDPR.

Automatic Date and Time Stamps

To save you further time, CMDataManager will automatically date and time stamp any description entries along with the users details. This is great for when you want to reference a past conversation or email sent.

Low Cost

CMDataManager comes at an extremely cost effective price. You pay a one off fee for set up and training, a nominal annual maintenance fee and then a monthly fee based on the number of users you have. Get in touch with your requirements for a quote.

Bespoke Page Creation

We will give you the essentials but then you have the freedom to customise all your Leads, Accounts and Contacts pages. This means you can tailor your CMDataManager account to your business processes and all this inclusive of your package. You can even create new sections for each page and label accordingly to further ensure CMDataManager meets all your data collection requirements.


Easily generate forecast reports based on any business specific goal. This could include your sales team activities ranging from demos to closing orders, to number of training sessions delivered.


Productivity is better managed when you have checklists. In CMDataManager these are your tasks. Create tasks for yourself or delegate to a colleague and keeps tabs on where you are and where you should be.