CM Email Marketing platform doesn’t just build email campaigns, it comes fully loaded with features that allow you to supercharge your e-marketing efforts. We call these modules, which can be used independently or combined depending on the requirements. These modules allow you to create event invitations, competition forms, micro-sites, dynamic content, automation flows and so much more.

Blue Line Break Campaignmaster
Subscriber Forms Module - Campaignmaster

Subscriber Forms

If you have a website then you should have a subscriber form sign up. Why? Because if people have made it to your website, don’t you want them to come back for more content? Subscriber forms can be embedded into your website, so there is no compromise on your web page layout. You can ask for as little or as much detail as you wish. Most companies will just request a first name, last name and email address. However, if you’re a retailer you may wish to ask for a size or gender which would be more meaningful in order for you to send targeted content. Our forms can also be used independently, so you can place them in your social media sites to encourage further conversions. Accompanying subscriber forms are notifications, so every time your form is submitted you can know about it. These forms are multi-purpose as you can also use them to create preference centres, so at any time your email subscriber can change their mind and update their e-news preferences. Finally, you can even use this module to create pop up sign up boxes to further encourage new sign ups on your website. Click here to see an example of a subscriber form.

Data Capture Forms Module - Campaignmaster

Ad-Hoc Data Capture Forms

On occasion, you may need to create a survey, poll or invitation. Perhaps you’re running a competition and need an easy way to collect entries. Or you may be running an event and want to send an email invitation and download all your attendees details into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This is where our Adhoc Data Capture Forms really come into their own. Using our form builder, you can create fully customised forms and collect answers in a variety of ways. For example, pop in a radio button for a yes or no answer or insert check boxes for multiple choice selection. Additionally, we have a library full of ready-made invitations. These are suitable for all types of events, whether they are corporate or more causal events, so building a bespoke form is even more of a breeze with CM Email Marketing. With this module not only can you instantly send a confirmation email but you can notify your team of a submission so they can prepare for the event. Click here to see an example of a data capture form, which was used to collect competition submissions. Click here to get some more information about data capture forms and how you can use them.

Hosted Pages Module - Campaignmaster

Global Hosted Pages

Do you sometimes wish you could just get on with creating a web page without having to involve your website management team? Perhaps you have an email ready to launch, but the website content has not been updated? Or perhaps you want to create an animated, interactive web page? Then our hosted pages module could be just what you need. These are stand alone web pages that you can link to from your email campaigns, or any other source. You can even use these hosted pages to create mini websites or blog sites. Click here to see an example of a global hosted page.

Automation Flow Module - Campaignmaster


Automation means different things to different marketers, but universally automation in email marketing means less manual work for the e-marketer. For example, you would not want to be sending happy birthday emails manually. If you have the date then just schedule a rule to run and hey presto! Your valued subscriber gets a lovely happy birthday e-card on their special day. Perhaps you just want to send emails again to those people who didn’t open your email the first time around, this is a great time saving feature. Relevant timing can have a huge effect on your campaign’s success, but the right time isn’t the same for everyone. CM Email Marketing ensures that your subscribers receive campaigns at the right time, all of the time as our automation module lets you enrol subscribers onto basic or complex customer journeys depending on behaviour. Click here to learn more about Automation and how it can help your business, or check out how easy our automation module is to use here.

Customised Content Module - Campaignmaster

Customised Content

Imagine if every book, magazine or newspaper only contained information relevant to the person reading it. That’s called customised content. This module allows every element of your email to be tailored to each and every individual subscriber’s interests. Very useful if you want to send emails in different languages, or based on membership status, or even geographic location. Customised content can be used to create highly targeted campaigns, resulting in increased subscriber activity and fewer opt-outs. Click here to see an example of a customised content.

Trigger Campaigns Module - Campaignmaster

Trigger Campaigns

Triggers are powerful emails that are sent automatically based on specific rules you set. For example, if you sell chairs and someone clicks on your best seller, send them another email instantly containing the variety of colours available in that range. Or perhaps you’re hosting an event and you send your invitation but your recipients are too busy to register straight away. No problem! With triggers your recipient can opt to receive a reminder when they have the time to complete their registration. Additionally, you can even use this module to update your database of user behaviour and build up a pot of data so you can send targeted emails in the future. This module is a great accompaniment to any email campaign as it allows you to create up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Click here to learn about how to create Trigger Campaigns to help your business.

Channels Module - Campaignmaster


People want choices and with this module you can ensure you are only sending your subscribers what they want to receive. Choosing email type preferences is great, but this module takes preferences to another level. It is so versatile that your recipients can not only choose what type of e-newsletters they wish to continue receiving, but even drill down to specific pieces of content. We developed this particular module for a large hotel chain who presented us with a dilemma they had with their previous email marketing supplier. They wanted to send e-newsletters containing specific content. For example, a subscriber on the weekly e-newsletter list may only want content related to the hotel gym. So, they do not want to opt-out of e-newsletters, just everything else except gym related content. Thus, we created the channels module.

External Content Module - Campaignmaster

External Hosted Content

With so many online resources available, wouldn’t it be great to pull this content automatically into your email campaigns? Well you can with this module. If you have Twitter feeds or alerts on your website that you want to pull into your emails, this is the module that is going to make that happen. Simply insert tokens and at the point of launch your emails will automatically pull in the live feeds.

Bespoke Reports Module - Campaignmaster

Bespoke Reports

We marketing people love reports. All those pie charts, analytics and drilled down statistics really show off what our efforts have yielded. But sometimes, you want a report that is only going to be useful to you. For example, you want to send an email to people who have engaged with your last three campaigns and nothing else. Just give us your specific requirement and we will build the report for you. You can even have it emailed automatically to you if it is a recurring report, or download at your convenience.

Advanced Rendering and SPAM Module - Campaignmaster

Advanced Rendering & Spam Analytics

Sometimes a preview of your email just isn’t enough. You want to make sure your email looks great in all inboxes, without having to create a bunch of new email accounts. Our full, comprehensive integration with Email on Acid gives you just that. You can test rendering of your emails across the most popular email clients, apps and devices available. You also want the best chance of hitting the inbox and not the dreaded junk folder, so you can opt for Advanced Spam Analytics that look deeper into your email content and give your pointers on what you can improve to bring that pesky spam scoring right down.

Advanced Analytics Module - Campaignmaster

Advanced Analytics

Are opens and clicks just not enough for you? We completely understand. You want to look deeper into your campaign results and so with our advanced analytics you will have access to reports, detailing what devices your emails are being opened on. Furthermore, you will also have comprehensive reports stating whether people are reading your emails, skimming your emails or even deleting your emails.

Web Tracking Module Campaignmaster

Web Tracking

If you’re looking for further reporting beyond regular campaign reporting such as opens and clicks, our Web Tracking module is the answer to your reporting needs. Very easy to use and efficient, Web Tracking enables you to track visitors including the web pages they visit as well as the duration of the page visit. Further information such as geolocation and web browser information is also available for further metrics on your email campaign activity. The Campaignmaster Web Tracking module provides comprehensive and accurate web tracking reporting enabling you to gauge your audience and target through different marketing channels. Click here to find out more about the full array of features that Web Tracking brings.