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Workbooks is a cloud-based customer relationship management and business application, targeting mid-market organisations. The integration offers the ability to connect data and processes within the entire organisation. The Campaignmaster Workbooks integration provides vast flexibility allowing users to synchronise their data between the two systems, enabling them to launch email campaigns and analyse results from either platform.

Workbooks Integration Animation - Campaignmaster

Features Include

List Management

Define, search and save targeted lists within Workbooks.

Campaign Creation

Select templates, add campaign details, test and launch campaigns, all within Workbooks.

Campaign Results

Fully comprehensive campaign results available within Workbooks shown at both a campaign and drill down recipient level.

Managed Opt-Outs

Fully managed opt-outs and bounces across both platforms.

Edit Templates Directly from Workbooks

Avoid the need to access other platforms by editing your CM Email Marketing templates from Workbooks.