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Although email marketing is our first love, SMS is another great way to communicate with people. Nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days and messages can be delivered in an instant, so it’s a great communication tool if you have a short message to convey. Some people will say SMS can be intrusive and we agree that it’s not suitable for all types of messages. It’s great for a 50% discount on a pizza, but it could also be very useful as a reminder to an event, or to even drive people to your website.

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Where to Use SMS

SMS marketing can be a very effective marketing tool that a business can use, especially if you want to reach your customers in a matter of seconds with a short message. CM Email Marketing offers you an easy to use, effective, built-in SMS tool.

You can purchase this module for your existing CM Email Marketing account or use independently. Opt-outs can be managed instantly too.

Yes, SMS messages can be intrusive sometimes, but a marketing message that is very easy to create, has instant deliverability and sky high open rates (almost every SMS will be opened and read) makes it a viable marketing option if used legitimately.

Not sure SMS is the way to go for your business? Here are some ideas you could try:

  • A timely insurance renewal reminder
  • Discount for early bird bookings
  • Doors opening time for an event reminder
  • Latest service/product available message
  • Team messages

How to Use SMS

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You should always gain consent from your recipients to send SMS marketing messages, just as you do with email marketing campaigns.

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Personal Communication

Did you know personalisation increases conversions? It will help you deliver more targeted campaigns and improve your ROI.

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Less is More

Keep your message short and straight to the point. It is always a good idea to offer a click through to your website.

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Timing and Frequency

Timing is very important when it comes to SMS Marketing. Some businesses can get frequency wrong and this could impact your brand reputation

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Send your customer base promotions which cannot be found online or in-store. Be mindful to not send marketing messages that will not benefit your customers.

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Always let your recipients know that they have the option to opt-out as this is a legal requirement. Use capital letters to make it obvious.

Benefits of SMS Marketing with Campaignmaster

No Coding Required

SMS messages are short, simple text messages. This means you don’t have to be a coder or a tech guru to send one. CM Email Marketing SMS marketing tool is so straight forward, all you need to do is type out a quick message, select your list and hit send.

Personalise Your Content

Add a personal touch to your SMS messages with our easy to use personalisation options. This could be with the recipents first name or a specially tailored offer for them. Your data isn’t clean enough for personalisation? Don’t worry, we allow default fall back values that you can change per campaign.

Include URL’s

Why not use SMS to drive traffic to your website? With Campaignmaster you can add URL’s to your messages, these can also be personalied and can be a great way to increase web traffic to promote an event, product or limited offer.

No One Misses a Text Message so It’s Perfect for Reminders

To quote the Telegraph, some people ‘feel so bereft without their iPhone or Blackberry that it evokes similar feelings to the “phantom limb” syndrome suffered by amputees.’ That’s how attached we are to our mobile phones in today’s day and age. So if you have a time sensitive message, like a reminder to an event, send an SMS and it’s a safe bet the message will get read in time.

Two-Way Communication That Allows You to Receive Instant Replies

With CM Email Marketing SMS tool, your recipients can reply directly from their phone to your SMS. How you receive the reply is entirely your choice, it can go directly to your phone, your email or we can store it in the platform for you, this means your recipients can respond to you immediately. You can use this to ask recipients for confirmation of an appointment or just feedback on the service you provided.

Integrates Easily with Other Channels like Email

There are not enough hours in the day so don’t waste them logging into different platforms for different marketing channels. CM Email Marketing allows you to create your emails, forms and SMS messages all from the same platform. This means you can integrate your email and SMS marketing very easily. Send out an invitation email and use SMS to remind people to click and register if hey haven’t already. If they have already signed up through an email or phone, send them an SMS a day before to remind them to attend. If you have social media pages, promote sign up for email and SMS so recipients never miss out on your offers.

Instant Reporting

The results for your SMS campaigns appear in your account as and when they come in. So there is no need to wait and see who you successfully reached or who unsubscribed. The results can include your replies which can all be downloaded into one easy to manage spreadhseet.

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