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CM Survey is here to help you design, collect and analyse results of your custom-built surveys. With a variety of questions types, full theme customisations and complete GDPR compliance, CM Survey is the ultimate survey building application to help elevate your survey distributions and collections. Unlike other survey builders who inundate with unnecessary and clunky platforms, CM Survey strips it back to give you the best and most enjoyable survey building experience.

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What Can You Use CM Survey For?

Customer Feedback Campaignmaster

Customer Feedback

Gather feedback to improve programs, processes, events etc.

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Event Planning/Invitations

Create invitations and collect opinions before, during or after your events.

Staff Engagement - Campaignmaster

Staff Engagement

Gather insights to improve company processes to build a healthy company culture.

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Market Research

Stay ahead of the competition by continually learning about new market trends.

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Why Use CM Survey?

GDPR Compliant

Unlike other online survey tools, all of your data in CM Survey is hosted in the UK and complies with UK Data Protection Laws.

Unlimited Surveys

You read that right! We don’t restrict the number of surveys you can make and publish. Once you have a subscription, you can create as many surveys as you wish without being charged extra.

Fully Branded

With CM Survey you’re able to fully brand your surveys look and feel with no mention of Campaignmaster. Continue reading to find out more about the different editors in CM Survey and how you can use them to create your perfect survey.

Unlimited Responses

Unlike other survey building tools that cap you at a certain number of responses for your price plan, CM Survey offers you unlimited responses for all your surveys.

Custom Domains

Upload your custom domains to your account so that all of your survey distribution links have your own, branded URL’s.

Multiple Distribution Methods

With CM Survey, there are multiple ways you’re able to distribute your survey. Use the generated link in your email campaigns/website or the downloadable QR code to reach as many people as possible!

Anonymous and Non-Anonymous Surveys

With CM Survey you can easily create both anonymous and non-anonymous surveys, whichever best suits your requirements.

Bespoke Submission Pages

Create bespoke submission pages in your CM Survey account so on completion of a survey, your respondents are redirected to a customised thank you page or your website, whatever you prefer!

Bespoke Link Unavailable Pages

With CM Survey you can easily create both anonymous and non-anonymous surveys, whichever best suits your requirements.


Create survey templates in your account, minimising build time. You can create these directly or save an existing survey as a template.


Don’t want a survey to be published straight away? Not to worry! With CM Survey you’re able to schedule publish and unpublish dates and times for your surveys, saving you the manual work of waiting to publish at a later date.

Live Results

Not only do you get an in-depth report of all your survey results, but you get them in real-time. No need to wait, so you can start analysing your results straight away. Why not also set up some submission notification emails so you know exactly when a survey has been submitted! Continue reading to find out more about results captured in CM Survey.


Use our categories feature to organise your surveys into custom groupings.

Drag & Drop Editors

With our easy-to-use themes editor, no external designers are needed.


Prior to publishing a survey, you’re able to preview it on various devices to ensure it renders exactly how you want it to.

User Management

Easily create and manage users in your account, granting privileges at a granular or more general level, whichever suits your business better.

Custom URL Endings

Decide the text you want to appear at the end of your survey distribution link to add that extra personal touch.

UK Based Support

Unlimited and inclusive UK based support – no long waiting queues or chatting to online bots!


Comprehensive reporting including CSV and HTML exports.

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The Editors

In CM Survey you have two editors to help you build your perfect survey:

(1) Question Editor
This editor is where you build and add content to your survey. Simply use the menu on the left-hand panel to find content/question blocks and drag and drop them in. Manage your survey settings here too, such as enabling a CAPTCHA for security purposes or making your survey timed.

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(2) Themes Editor
This is where the creative work takes place. This editor allows you to fully customise the look and feel of your survey. With a live, dynamic preview as you make changes, it’s never been easier to apply your brand styling!

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We understand the importance of making your survey results as clear and as easy to understand as possible. That’s why we segment your results into three sections:

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Overall Results

These provide you with a summary of important statistics such as the number of visits/responses you have received, responses over time, average/maximum/minimum survey completion times as well as a count of how many times each question was answered or not. You can even adjust these results to include or exclude timeouts if your survey was timed!

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Question Responses

These convey a summary of the answers given to each question. Find out the most popular answers in both a graphical and numerical format with easy export options.

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Individual Results

This area allows you to delve into the exact answers given by each respondent.


If you’re ready to get your hands on CM Survey, please get in touch today and let’s get you started on your new survey building experience.