Dynamics 365

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management application developed by Microsoft focusing on three main sectors: Sales, Marketing and Service. The Campaignmaster Dynamics Integration provides a straight-forward and easy-to-use workflow which follows a simple left-to-right tabular structure. This enables you to efficiently go from creating a campaign to launching it.

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Our Dynamics CRM Integration Offers Endless Benefits

Automatic Subscriber Data Uploads

Integrate your Dynamics CRM with the CM Email Marketing platform and save time by eliminating the need to import/export data using Microsoft Excel CSV files.

Two-Way Data Synchronisation

Our Dynamics CRM integration synchronises both to and from the CM Email Marketing platform which lets you choose how you want to access your data.

Data is Always Fresh and Up-To-Date

The two-way data synchronisation ensures that data is up-to-date in both Dynamics CRM and the CM Email Marketing platform.

Edit Templates Directly From Dynamics CRM

Edit the graphics and content in your templates efficiently from within Dynamics CRM.

Fully Test and Launch Campaigns

Our integration allows you to fully test and launch your campaigns. Don’t want to launch immediately? You can also schedule your campaign to send at a later date and time.

Analyse Real-Time Campaign Reporting Within Dynamics CRM

Make business decisions driven by your email marketing results.

Track Opens, Clicks and Forwards

Capture campaign behavioural information and use it to target your future campaigns, straight from Dynamics CRM.

Create Email Marketing-Based Dashboards Within Dynamics CRM

Create dashboards based on reporting in order to visually analyse your email marketing results.

Improve Your Sales Visibility and Access Real-Time Insight into Customer Behaviour

Increase your pipeline visibility and discover how your processes impact your customers’ behaviour.

Automate Your Email Marketing Activities

The seamless workflow provided by our integration will save you time and help you get things done efficiently.

Targeted Campaigns

Campaign behavioural information, such as opens and clicks captured from previous campaigns, allows your future campaigns to be more targeted.

Easy Multi-Channel Unsubscribes

Define different types of communications and provide your recipients with the ability to unsubscribe from one or more specific type(s) rather than all communications.

Access Everything You Need in One Central Place

Avoid the hassle of switching between different systems by using our Dynamics CRM Integration.

Pre-Sync List

Sync your marketing list during the build stage, to save further campaign management time and not have to sync data when you are ready to launch.

Campaign Activity Ribbon

Bespoke ribbon design within Dynamics to keep you on track of your campaign build, test and launch stages with notifications following each action.