Other Integrations

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Aside from our main integrations, we offer further platform integrations with CRMs including Open CRM and Sugar CRM as well as Accounting Practice Software running on an SQL Server through our SQL App. For simple data synchronisation, our FTP/SFTP Import and Email Importer app will effectively transfer data to your CM Email Marketing account.

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Open CRM

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Open CRM is a UK-based customer relationship management system equipping users with the tools to run their business from a single system.

The Campaignmaster Open CRM integration allows you to create mailing lists in Open CRM and launch campaigns to them using CM Email Marketing as well as recording subsequent interactions.

The CM Email Marketing platform enables you to track emails sent, received, rejected, opened and clicked through. To give you an indication of how successful your campaigns are, a number of these statistics are also fed back into Open CRM.

Email Importer

Email Importer Diagram - Campaignmaster

The Email Importer picks up Microsoft Excel CSV file(s) that are sent to a specific email address on our platform and imports the data into your CM Email Marketing account. The email can be scheduled at a specific date and time of your choice.


SQL App Integration Diagram Campaignmaster

This integration includes Practice Engine, Wolters Kluwer and any other database running SQL Server. The SQL App provides a one-way synchronisation between any system running on SQL Server and a CM Email Marketing account. Users are able to map fields, decide which data they want to import by selecting views or tables and starting an import job immediately or scheduling one for a specific date and time. Features include:

  • Scheduling import jobs where data is automatically imported into your CM Email Marketing account on a specific day and time
  • The SQL App provides you with the ability to select existing tables or views or build a custom view specifically for this type of import
  • Receive an email notification after each import job completes


FTP and SFTP Diagram - Campaignmaster

The FTP/SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) Import involves the creation of Microsoft Excel CSV file(s) which are uploaded and stored on your server and picked up by our system securely through SFTP, with the data being imported into your CM Email Marketing account.

Transactional Emails

Transaction Emails Diagram - Campaignmaster

The Campaignmaster CM Email Marketing platform is versatile, which means that on top of launching marketing campaigns, you also have the ability to send transactional emails such as a purchase receipt directly from your very own secure SMTP server provided by us.

Bespoke Integrations

If you are looking to integrate with Campaignmaster and your system is not one of the above, please get in touch and provide us with information on any kind of data integration that you require.