Account Management

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Much of our business is grown organically from referrals and repeat business from clients who enjoy the many benefits of using our platform. However, much of the credit goes to our passionate customer service. Our Account Managers will have originated from within the team as we very strongly believe in promoting our internal staff in their desires to work closely with clients. So you can be confident in the knowledge that your Account Manager knows their stuff! Your designated Account Manager is determined by the sector your business is in, so you will be getting a knowledgeable email expert in your field.

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Our Account Management

Not only do our Account Managers know their way around our platforms, they also know industry best practises, along with trends in our ever changing landscape.

It is your Account Manager’s responsibility to understand your specific email marketing objectives and work closely with you to help build strategies, give ideas and insight into how to make continuous improvements.

We’re happy to travel to you or conduct online meetings or you’re always welcome in our office where we have great coffee on tap. You can even determine the frequency of your Account Management meetings.

You could be brand new to email marketing, or been doing it for years, but your Account Manager’s focus will be to ensure you are enjoying the Campaignmaster experience and making the most of your investment into our valued partnership.

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What Can You Expect?

Regular Meetings

As a Campaignmaster client, you determine the frequency of your account management meetings. If you’re happy with a monthly call, no problem! If you would prefer a face to face catch up every quarter, we’ll book it in and see you at your place or ours.


Whether you’re new to email marketing or been doing it for years, there is always something new to learn in our ever growing industry and your dedicated Account Manager will want to share industry best practises and trends with you.

Strategy & Planning

With their technical know-how and industry experience, our account managers are often asked to help write email marketing strategies to meet your e-marketing requirements and targets.

Bespoke Training

We provide a variety of training sessions. Depending on your user’s technical know-how, we can tailor your training sessions to meet your users requirements.