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Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to get on top of our work.

With deadlines to be met, unexpected new jobs coming in and low on manpower, it can all feel a bit overwhelming at times. This is where Campaignmaster’s outsource services can make a difference. This service is available to both new and existing clients so you can have a combination of self-service and occasional outsourcing of marketing campaigns too.

We like to do things properly, so our consultancy services start with understanding what you want to ultimately achieve from your email marketing. Whatever conversion you are aiming for, we will assign a dedicated Project Manager who takes the time to fully understand your objectives and from that point they build a comprehensive e-marketing strategy with you.

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Outsourcing with Campaignmaster

Outsourcing your e-marketing needs to Campaignmaster couldn’t be simpler. You’ll be assigned a personal consultant who’ll help you meet your goals as well as provide advice and support throughout your project. As for services, we’re pretty flexible.

You can outsource the complete design and build of your HTML templates to us. We’ll even take care of any micro-site, survey and form builds too. We’ll send you as many tests as you wish and when you’re satisfied, we’ll launch your emails. Thereafter, we will provide comprehensive reporting on its success – all without a line of HTML in sight.

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Personal Consultant

You will be assigned a personal consultant who will work with you to achieve your goals.

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Multiple Services

Bespoke email template design, campaign launches, surveys, behavioural targeting and more.

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Inclusive Reporting

We’ll send you regular performance reports so you can keep track of your email’s progress.

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No Knowledge Required

You don’t need to learn our software or have any previous e-marketing experience.

e-Marketing Consultancy

Whether you’re an email marketing novice or a seasoned professional, our advice and suggestions can greatly enhance your results. Having a database and a template does not automatically qualify as professional email marketing, so we will start at the beginning and discuss the importance of sending from fully branded domains, cleaning up your data, implementing security controls and more to ensure you maintain a good sender reputation from the start.

Your email campaigns are a representation of your company and brand so you should make those emails work as hard as possible to achieve optimum results.

From creative concepts to technical know-how, our in-house experts can steer your email marketing in the right direction.

With Campaignmaster e-Marketing Consultancy you can expect:

  • e-marketing expertise
  • Best practice advice
  • Years of experience in a variety of market sectors
  • Professional documentation

To Conclude …

Think of us as an extension to your marketing team, where you get a Project Manager, a Designer, a Developer and a Support Consultant for far less than an additional head count in your company.

So if you would like to find out more about how we can help your e-marketing workloads, get in touch now by calling us on +44 (0) 20 8863 5334 or drop us an email at

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