Magento 1 & 2

Magento Integration Main Image - Campaignmaster

The Campaignmaster Magento integration is compatible with both Magento 1 and 2, providing a one-way transfer of contact data and abandoned cart details from an active installation of Magento to the CM Email Marketing platform. It enables you to save valuable time by removing the need to manually export, manipulate, verify and import or export data from your Magento installation. The integration is installed within Magento and doesn’t require any technical knowledge, seamlessly and automatically transferring your data over to your CM Email Marketing account. In addition to automatic data transfer capabilities, users are also able to create, test and launch campaigns from the Magento interface as well as viewing campaign results.

Magento Integration Animation - Campaignmaster

Features Include

Field Mapping

Synchronise the two systems by mapping your Magento database fields with the database fields within your CM Email Marketing account.

Automatic Import

Automatic import of contacts and abandoned cart information to your CM Email Marketing account.

Easy Exports

Export contacts and abandoned cart customers to the CM Email Marketing platform.

Campaign Creation

Create, test and launch abandoned cart and lost basket campaigns from Magento.

Triggered Campaigns

Send triggered campaigns to customers. For example, send an email campaign to the abandoned cart customers after 15 minutes to remind them to complete their purchase.


View and analyse campaign results directly from Magento.