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Our course trainers have a wealth of knowledge on the digital marketing industry, so you can rest assured that you’re up to date with the latest best practice methods. You will benefit from learning in small, collaborative classes as we found that delegates are able to apply their learning a lot more effectively in a small and interactive class environment. Our courses are easy to follow and you can set the pace to ensure you get the best learning experience for your chosen topic.

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Principles of Email Marketing Course - Campaignmaster

Principles of Email Marketing

When email marketing is conducted properly it is one of the most impactful channels at any digital marketer’s disposal. This course focuses on how email can be used to connect with your audience in order to drive ROI and grow business.

By understanding the principles of email marketing, delegates will learn how best to deliver permission-based email campaigns to engage customers with your brand and target them to effectively promote products and services.

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Adobe Photoshop Course - Campaignmaster

Adobe Photoshop

This course develops beginners with little to no experience of Adobe Photoshop into intermediate users that can create and edit images with flair and ease on Adobe Photoshop – the industry standard software for all kinds of image-related work.

With the practical use of real-life scenarios, delegates will learn how to produce and edit images for both web and print, as well as gaining an understanding of how to work efficiently within Adobe Photoshop.

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Fundamentals of Web Design Course - Campaignmaster

Fundamentals of Web Design

This training will introduce the key aspects of web design and HTML and how it is used in the creation of documents and pages for the World Wide Web.

By providing hands-on experience, delegates will learn the essential skills in how to use HTML and CSS effectively in web design. From here, all students will then be able manage their web presence, whether that is through website building or maintenance.

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Adobe Photoshop Course - Campaignmaster

Tailored Digital Training for Email Marketing

This course will show you how to create an email campaign from scratch using HTML and CSS. The session will cover the best practices of building emails to ensure your campaign layout renders correctly across majority of email clients.

In addition, the process of mobile optimising an email campaign will be covered in great detail. You will leave the session confident with building and mobile optimising all email campaigns going forward.

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WordPress  Setup Course - Campaignmaster

WordPress Setup

Learn how to take control of your own website without having to learn coding in this easy to follow training course on WordPress website development.

The training provided will demonstrate the essentials of how to setup and create a professional website using WordPress so that beginners can understand how to use the system. The course will also cover professional template design as well as how to make sites search engine friendly.

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